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Perhaps you saw him defeating Bobby Flay on his eponymous show “Beat Bobby Flay”. Or maybe you caught a peek of him leading the kitchen of Mission Sandwich Social. Chef Brian Tsao is not your typical chef, he wants to fill your ears as much as he wants to fill your belly.

So with a heavy appetite for heavy music, Tsao picked up his guitar and was ready for a new adventure. That’s when he reached out to friend Will Gomez.

Will, a hospital radiologic technologist who worked through the Covid outbreak, earned his stripes as the former bassist of NYC bands Johnny Cage is a Fake and Tiger Flowers.

In the bowels of an NYC practice room called Funkadelic, the duo carved and shaped their varying styles, writing together for months until LOSS BECOMES was born. In search of a powerful voice, all roads lead to Anthony Copozzi who earned his vocal chops as lead singer of Long Island metal act Thracian.

Sean Ageman of Washed Up Media would soon join as the man behind the drum kit. Having a long standing relationship with the Loss Becomes, filming & producing the music video for “Healing”, “Grudge” and often handling photography during live shows, Ageman was an easy fit with the skills on the drum kit to back it up.

Anthony Lopardo, who recorded & produced Loss Becomes debut album, would complete the line up on additional guitar duties. Lopardo, owner of Long Island based Westfall Recording Company and with his intimate knowledge & experience working with Loss Becomes would be the perfect candidate to expand & grow Loss Becomes evolving sound.

LOSS BECOMES is a modern take on classic metalcore with hardcore tendencies and a spinkle of Nü Metal vibes. The music is unforgivingly aggressive with Anthony Copozzi’s ferocious enthusiasm heard on every lyric, giving the band what can only be described as a full aural assault.


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